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I went on my first bluefin tuna trip. The captain Jeff was very diligent looking for fish and he found them. The deckhand Brad was an amazing. I have never seen anyone better. Such a hard-working guy. I can't wait to book another trip with Fortune sport fishing.

- Don M.

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Jumped on a 2.5 day trip on the fortune. Jeff Walker is the Man and will find you fish. The crew was great, well experienced, and helpful at all times. Boat is clean, organized, and books fast.

This is the boat to go on. Look no further. Period.

- Bryon B.

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Amazing outfit in San Diego. I recently went on a 1.5 day limited load trip on The Fortune. It was an incredible experience with a very dedicated and happy captain, crew and cook. I would highly recommend them and overall I was lucky and ended up with about 100lbs of blue fin vacuum sealed into 1lb portions from Fisherman's processing.

All in was about $1,000 for boat, 100lb rental rod and fish processing (240lbs bled and gutted).

That's $10/pound for the best tuna I've ever had!! I'm very popular now as I've been giving away lots of tuna to friends!!

The captain DID NOT STOP searching for fish even after we were very close to limits with multiple 150-200+lb blue fin. The cook Steve was the best cook I've ever seen on a sport boat, not only did he make an incredible carnitas breakfast burrito but he saved my fish. My line became tangled in the back corner and eventually broke me off. The fishing was hot so I just tied in a new lure and started fishing again. Just before my second hookup, Steve yells out, "is this your lure?" He had hand reeled in my tuna as it was tangled in numerous lines. He retrieved not only the $50 lure but also my 60lb bluefin!!

Thanks Fisherman's Landing for an absolutely first rate trip.

- Shasta S.

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